Exactly exactly How TikTok’s community of ‘vintage girls’ is reclaiming retro beauty

Exactly exactly How TikTok’s community of ‘vintage girls’ is reclaiming retro beauty
Should you ever require hairstyling tips or lipstick recommendations, they truly are your girls.

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If you are a beauty fan to virtually any level, there is a chance that is solid’ve got your very own take regarding the « Old Hollywood » look. There is a much larger possibility you fall straight right right back on that period’s signature winged eyeliner, matte red lips, or bouncy curls for essential formal occasions. But up to a community that is large of on TikTok, that retro appearance is not only a Marvelous Mrs. Maisel cosplay — it is a life style.

People who invest a far better element of their time that is free scrolling the software have in all probability encounter at least one girl done up just as if she actually is simply been teleported from the 1950s. Peruse through the application’s #VintageGirl feed, however, and you should uncover a large number of ladies whoever locks, makeup products, and wardrobe seem like that every the full time. In their mind, success rolls, powdered complexions, and pearls are only just as much component of this current while they had been days gone by.


They could share a desire for looks from another time, but TikTok’s self-proclaimed Vintage Girls differ in age and back ground. There is Paige Lavoie, for instance, a 30-year-old young-adult writer in Florida whom became enthusiastic about the Turner Timeless films system as a teen. And 18-year-old Kayla Moore, students from Maryland whose parents revealed her to ’50s music and fashion at an age that is early. Or Alexandria Prentiss, a stay-at-home that is 26-year-old in Arkansas who is been dressing in retro garb since landing a work at a nearby classic boutique in 2014. […]